ORLY Amp'd Flexible Wear Surfer Girl Duo Kit

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ORLY Amp'd Duo kits contain everything you need to create a gel like manicure in the comfort of your own home. Amp'd is a 2 step formula which applies like a polish, removes like a polish, but looks like a gel. This Duo Kit contains Step 1: Surfer Girl Flexible Colour, a light pink block crème no smudge formula, and Step 2: Flexible Sealcoat. ORLYs innovative formula contains shock absorbing polymers allowing the finish of your manicure to bounce back, remain elastic and flex with the nail, reducing chipping. This advanced system wears for up to a week, about 88% longer than traditional manicures.

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Directions of use

ORLY Color Amp�d Color is your first step in creating a FLAWLESS manicure. Make sure to always pair with ORLY Color Amp�d Sealcoat. The color and sealcoat fuse together to create a durable, scratch resistant, high-shine finish that dries in less than 8 minutes. That�s 60% faster than traditional nail polish. To make application even easier, we�ve designed a higher bristle count brush that�s specifically shaped to fit the cuticle. Time to remove? Just use regular nail polish remover.


Formulated without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toulene. ORLY is Camphor Free, Animal Bi-product Free & Free from Animal Testing