Carmex Skinny Dip Unicorn Skinny Dip Carmex Limited Edition Gift Set

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Unicorns are rare and super cute just like our limited-edition Carmex® x Skinnydip Sugar Plum Unicorn print pot.

Grab an exclusive collaborative pot and teamed with Skinnydips awesome must have key chain to be 100% unicorn*.

The soothing qualities of Carmex will make your lips feel like an absolute star as you trot off on your majestic daily adventures.

Try it and see for yourself why Carmex lip balm is a favourite lip balm of celebrities and make-up artists all over the world.

Carmex® lip balm: It Soothes. It Relieves. It Moisturises.

*Unicorns are a mythical creatures - we are sorry we can’t make you one for real. *cue tears* but this combosure will make you feel magical.

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