ORLY EPIX Flexible Color Acceptance Speech (18ml)

ORLY EPIX Flexible Color Acceptance Speech (18ml)

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For beautiful nails worthy of an award win choose ORLY EPIX Acceptance Speech. This sumptuous plum polish with a shimmer finish is inspired by the glamour of Hollywood awards season. ORY EPIX Flexible Colour and Flexible Sealcoat fuse together to create a durable, scratch-resistant, high-shine finish that dries in less than 8 minutes. ORLY EPIX redefines application with ORLY's patented Gripper Cap, allowing for easy opening and precise application. The brush features a higher bristle count and custom shape designed to fit the cuticle, allowing for one stroke application and beautifully smooth, even coverage on the nail. Contains ORLY's long wear smudge fixing technology.

Directions of use

Proper preparation is key. With every EPIX Flexible Colour Manicure, it's important to conduct a dry manicure before applying colour.
- Prep the nail
- Shape & push back cuticles, nip if needed, buff & brush off the nail particles
- Dehydrate the nail cleanser or with 99% alcohol
- Step 1- Apply two even coats of EPIX Flexible Colour for full coverage.
- Step 2- Apply one coat of Flexible Sealcoat.
- Wait 8 minutes for the product to set.

Note, smudges will continue to self-repair until the Flexible Colour is fully dry


Formulated without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toulene. ORLY is Camphor Free, Animal Bi-product Free & Free from Animal Testing.