nailtiques After Artificial Treatment

nailtiques After Artificial Treatment

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Recently had artificial nails or gel polish removed? If your nails are in need of some intensive therapy to return them to a healthy, strong and beautiful state, the specially designed nailtiques After Artificial Treatment may be just what you need. This 2-part treatment nourishes and replenishes nails to quickly strengthen and rebuild nails back to a healthy condition. Apply Formula A every day for 5 days. Remover layers and continue the cycle until the bottle is empty. Continue the same process with Formula B. Use Cuticle & Skin Gel to soften and heal cracked and dry cuticles. Includes Formula A 1/4oz, Formula B 1/4oz and Cuticle & Skin Gel 1/4oz.

Directions of use

Begin with Formula A. Upon completion, switch to Formula B and follow the same steps. The Cuticle & Skin Gel can be used at any time. Apply sparingly and regularly to dry areas of the skin and cuticles.

The nail protein is designed for one coat to be applied daily over the previous without color polish. Remove as needed (usually weekly) with a non-acetone remover. It is important to wash hands/nails with soap and water to remove any residue. Dry well and start again.

Once Formula A and Formula B are complete, evaluate the current condition and select the next formula accordingly. Formula 2 is for soft, peeling, weak or thin nails. Healthy nails graduate to Formula 1 for maintenance.