September 19th 2014 by Graftons

Create the perfect Autumn nail look with ORLY Smoky

1. Prep the nail by applying ORLY Primetime to create a perfect canvas. Next, apply a coat of ORLY Bonder as a basecoat. Apply a layer of your chosen Smoky colour, we used ORLY Highlight, (a dense greige from the Smoky collection). Apply a second layer for full coverage.


2. Using ORLY Detailer Brush for accuracy, draw two parallel lines diagonally across the nail using ORLY Darkest Shadow (a deep purple shimmer). Between the lines at the tip of the nail join both lines with a V shape and fill in the gap. To keep lines neat only add a small amount of polish to the ORLY Detailer Brush, this will allow you to keep the line really angular.


3. Try experimenting with different angular shapes and lines to create our final multi-faceted ‘Deconstructed Hounds tooth’. Having a unique design on each nail is really hot right now.


4. Finish with a layer of ORLY Polishield for long-lasting, chip-free shine. Apply Flash Dry Drops to speed up the dry time.


5. The final look. Now you are all set for Autumn.


Love Faye (A Marketing and PR Girl) x

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Posted on 19th of September 2014 by Graftons

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