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Create the perfect Spring nail look with ORLY Sugar High

Bring your nails to life and get ready for Spring with our ORLY Sugar High step by step.

STEP 1 – Sanitiser the hands, nails and manicure tools with ORLY Clean Prep. Push back the cuticles with the ORLY Pusher and Remover tool for neat application. File the file edge with an ORLY Black Board File.

STEP 2 – Apply ORLY Primetime to the nail plate ensuring you cap the free edge for long lasting wear. Then repeat the application process using the InStyle award-winning ORLY Bonder, and then your ready for a sweet treat, the summer collection from ORLY; Sugar High.

STEP 3 – To recreate our Sugar High manicure paint Key Lime Twist; a vibrant densely pigmented neon from the cuticle to the free edge.
STEP 4 – Start building the chevron nail art using Sugar High Sweet Dream; an iridescent mink with purple undertones using the ORLY Detailer Brush for accuracy, paint from the centre of the cuticle to the outer corner of the free edge.
STEP 5 – Repeat Step 4 for a full chevron effect and a contrastive Sugar High chevron manicure.
STEP 6 – For a more intricate design use Sugar High Plum Sugar; a deep, dark purple crème for added impact on the feature finger.

STEP 7 – Complete the Sugar High manicure with a coat of ORLY Polisheild, for a high-shine glossy finish.


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Posted on 16th of March 2015 by Graftons

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