May 7th 2016 by Graftons

Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets – A totally unique bathing sensation

Add a little fizz to your bath time with Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets. Whether you are looking to relax your mind, or reinvigorate your senses, a soak in a warm bath with these fizzy Kneipp bath tablets will boost your mood.

Formulated with the same pure essential oils as original Kneipp Mineral Bath Salts, each individually wrapped sparkling bath tablet promises a naturally aromatic, indulgence bath. Activated by warm water, the effervescent tablets gently fizz as they release the aromatic essential oils to calm the body and mind. Perfect for travel or when you need a little pick up.

Kneipp Cold Season Sparkling Bath Tablet

Use the energising formula of the eucalyptus oil to help restore and revive your senses while alleviating the stresses of the day. Kneipp Cold Season Sparkling Bath Tablets are a bathroom essential to help ease sinus congestion during the cold and flu season.

Kneipp Joint and Muscle Sparkling Bath Tablet

The natural anti-inflammatory of Arnica plant extracts help relieve sore and aching muscles and help to reduce bruising. Kneipp Joint and Muscle Sparkling Bath Tablets are the perfect post sport treat.

Kneipp Balancing Sparkling Bath Tablet

Providing relaxation for moments of joy with Lavender, our Kneipp Balancing Sparkling Bath Tablets are known to help combat fatigue, restore strength, lift spirits and balance the inner emotion.

Kneipp Pure Bliss Sparkling Bath Tablet

Packed with Red Poppy and Hemp, Kneipp Pure Bliss Sparkling Bath Tablets provides an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and relaxation from the stresses and strain of everyday life.

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Posted on 7th of May 2016 by Graftons

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