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Post Exercise Routine

In healthy and balanced lifestyle it’s important to not only warm-up before working out but also spend some time cooling down your body. A post-exercise routine is essential to help your body destress after a workout session and prevent potential gym-related illnesses.

1. Cool Down
Make sure you spend 10-15 minutes brining your workout to a gentle ending to help gradually cool down your muscles. This could be a light jog on the treadmill, a few lengths in the pool, or some yoga poses and stretching.

2. Stretch
You can incorporate this into your cool down routine, but stretching helps to build flexibility and mobility of the joints and will help to prevent muscle soreness.

3. Foam Roll
This might be new to you, but it’s a great to iron out the kinks in your muscles and soothe tired muscles either before or after a workout.

4. Hydrate
You can never underestimate the importance of drinking plenty of water after a workout to replenish all of the lost fluid from your intense workout.

5. Measure
It’s so easy with various apps on the market to track your progress. Whether you are working out to lose weight, get physically fit or maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important for your motivation to track your progress.

6. Rebuild
After an intensive workout your body is craving sustenance and a good amount of protein will help with your muscles rebuilding themselves. Protein powders, greek yoghurt and cottage cheese are all good fuel for your muscles.

7. Shower
Your skin has been through a lot during your workout, it will be covered in sweat and will have lost hydration. Take a shower for your own health and hygiene, but maybe also for the people around you. Kneipp body washes are packed full of essential oils – perfect for protecting skin from dehydration.

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