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Try the Kneipp Skin Firming Challenge

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Get set for summer with Kneipp Skin Firming range – an easy 3 step beauty regime to help create beautiful, nourished and firmer looking skin in only 4 weeks*.

Follow this three step regime for firmer skin:

Step 1 – Kneipp Skin Firming Body Scrub

Prepare your skin with our Kneipp exfoliating body scrub which contains the finest jojoba wax grains, to help promote circulation and prepare the skin for the regeneration process. Massage into wet skin using circular motions and rinse off, alternating between warm and cold water.

Step 2 – Kneipp Skin Firming Massage Oil

Treat skin daily with Kneipp Skin Firming Massage Oil. Created using nourishing grapeseed oil and sandalwood fruit, this skin firming oil helps to smooth skin and firm intensively. Apply to problematic areas and massage in using circular motions.

Step 3 – Kneipp Skin Firming Intensive Cream

Help to stimulate blood circulation, by using Kneipp Intensive Cream once to twice a week with. Apply our skin firming cream to problematic areas and massage in using circular motions, start with legs and work upwards to the buttocks and stomach.

Kneipp works. Naturally. Try it for yourself, shop our Kneipp Skin Firming range.

*Independent study confirms the effect during combined use after 4 weeks use.  Independent testing facility used Kneipp Body Scrub, Body Massage Oil and Intensive Cream.

Posted on 7th of May 2016 by Graftons

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