Badger Balms is our favourite organic beauty brand. They blend together organic plant extracts, exotic oils, butters and beeswax to create fabulously pure and effective products that are 100% natural. Take a look at their extensive range of products from rescue balms to hair care, skincare to portable aromatherapy, all with the intention to protect, soothe and heal body and mind.

Badger Balm was created by Bill Whyte, a carpenter from New Hampshire, USA. A fan of all things organic, Bill and his family would only ever use organic products. While working in the winter, Bills hands became incredibly cracked and sore, so he went into his kitchen and mixed up a batch of what later became Badger Balm, a hardworking balm that can be used to soothe, smooth and protect the skin all over. From there Badger Balms were born and has grown into the treasured organic skin care brand that we love today. 

Natural Ingredients

Badger believe in using 100% natural ingredients, grown in healthy soil and processed simply without the use of chemicals. They select the best that nature has to offer - making sure that ingredients meet the rigorous ‘Badger Natural Standard’.

Respecting The Planet

Badger make better products, for healthier people, and for a healthier planet. They hold every single ingredient to a rigorous standard in the growth, sustainability, and supply chain. Ensuring safe and ethically sourced products that respect you, the planet and all things on it. 

Fountain Of Knowledge

Badger Balm products work really well because they are the result of years of research. A dedicated team work to carefully blend the most precious ingredients in small batches, combining time-honored traditional remedies with their understanding of herbs and botanicals. 

Created With Love

What’s unique about Badger is that they don’t formulate products based on sales. They create products with the people they love in mind. They believe that by applying inspiration and love to the process of formulation, the best results are achieved.