Back in the 19th Century, Germany priest Sebastian Kneipp cured himself from tuberculosis using the very nature around him and by submerging himself in icy cold water. This led him to dedicate his life to the research and development of hydrotherapy, extending his investigation into the benefits of plants. Creating functional, natural products for health and wellbeing, harnessing the healing powers of the Kneipp’s 5 pillars; water, plant, exercise, nutrition and balance. And from this Kneipp bath and body range was born

Each product has been created using the only very best of nature. From the purest natural herbs, to the exfoliating and toning Thermal Spring Bath Salts, sourced from Europe’s last remaining salt works ‘Saline Luisenhall’ in Germany. Nothing is overlooked. Made in Germany with care and holistic methods, no paraffin, silicone or mineral oils added.

Established over 125 years ago, we love Kneipp’s heritage and dedication to developing effective, natural products.

Philosophy Of Kneipp

Kneipp believes in total wellness for body, mind, and soul. With this holistic approach it is recognised for the need of preventive care and self-care, taking responsibility for one's own health. Our life expectations are longer, so it our duty to maintain our bodies in the best condition possible.

Commitment To Nature

Kneipp works naturally!

- High quality natural plant derived active ingredients

- No preservatives

- No paraffin, silicone or mineral oils

- Dermatologist tested

- Manufactured with pharmaceutical standards 

Kneipp’s 5 Pillars

Water – Core pillar, strengthening the body’s natural defences.
Plant – Healing powers of herbs and medicinal plants.
Exercise – Incorporate exercise into everyday life.
Nutrition – Balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life.
Balance – A balanced lifestyle is the basis for a healthy, active and satisfying life.