Recommended and used by dermatologists, Pharmagel is a full line of rejuvenating skin treatment products for all skin types.

Pharmagel is an innovator in the latest technological advances since 1987, Pharmagel skin care products are formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Antioxidants, combined with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, synergistically work to improve the appearance of skin.

Products include herbs, botanicals and vitamins - for fast-acting, anti-aging results. Focussing on skin preservation Pharmagel recognised that topically-applied vitamins and antioxidants could drastically slow and repair the appearance of skin damage. With regular use of Pharmagel skin care products, long-lasting results are obvious in just two weeks.

Pharmagel’s range includes cleansers & toners, moisturisers, eye care, serums, exfoliators & masks, lip care and bath & shower. Pharmagel products are all hypoallergenic and vegan friendly.

Cleansers & Toners

Pharmagel’s botanical based cleansers & toners clean and moisturise the skin – leaving it with a radiant glow.

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No matter whether your skin type is normal to dry or combination, there is a Pharamgel facial mosituriser for you. All help skin to feel more revitalised and youthful.

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Eye Care

Reduce under-eye puffiness and leave eyes feeling refreshed with Pharamgel's eye care selection. Available for all skin types. 

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Exfoliators & Masks

Looking to brighten, soften, lift or smooth your skin? Pharmagel's exfoliators and masks do just that! 

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