Need a great at home hair removal solution? Try Surgi. This range has everything you need to remove or bleach hair from head to toe.

A Complete At Home Hair Removal System

A complete easy-to-use, at home, head-to-toe answer for hair removal, there are SurgiCare waxing solutions available for the brows, face, arms, bikini and legs.

SurgiCare offers a selection of depilatory creams, hard and soft waxes, wax strips, as well as sensitive skin formulations to meet the needs of every woman. It also features the U.S. no. 1 selling facial hair removal cream.  

Dermatologist Approved Ingredients

All SurgiCare product include dermatologist-approved ingredients which ensure a safe, easy application and long-lasting results. SurgiCare cream and wax products are specifically-formulated and contain soothing natural botanicals, including arnica, used to reduce inflammation and to restore skin's natural moisture

Easy To-Use At Home Hair Removal Solution

Satisfying customers’ removal of unwanted hair since 1957, SurgiCare is an uncomplicated and easy-to-use at home hair removal system which ensures that customers enjoy smooth, silky skin for a lot longer than if they had shaved.

Help provide women with a great at-home hair removal experience that truly protects and leaves soft, sexy skin with SurgiCare.