Nail Care

Get your nails polished perfect with our nail care range. From nail care treatments to maintain healthy nail growth, to nail accessories for preening your nails into the perfect shape. To a whole range of nail colours, from salon and professional brands nailtiques and ORLY. Our nail care range has everything you need to give your friends nail envy.

ORLY BB Crème (18ml) Barely Nude £16.25
ORLY Nail Rescue Kit £18.25
ORLY Nailtrition (18ml) £15.95
ORLY Polish Thinner (2oz) £6.85
ORLY Tough Cookie (18ml) £15.95
ORLY Won't Chip (18ml) £12.55
nailtiques Formula 1 1/8oz (4ml) £9.00
nailtiques Formula 1 1/4oz (7ml) £13.90
nailtiques Formula 1 1/2oz (15ml) £21.50
nailtiques Formula 2 1/8oz (4ml) £9.00
nailtiques Formula 2 1/4oz (7ml) £13.90
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