Nail Treatments

Are you suffering from weak, splitting nails or problem cuticles? Our range of nail treatments were simply made to bring your nails back to full health. So strengthen, brighten and keep you cuticles moisturised with our nail care range from brands you'll love including nailtiques and ORLY.

ORLY Color Care Smoother (11ml) £10.00
ORLY Cuticle Care Complex (18ml) £13.20
ORLY BB Crème (18ml) Barely Nude £15.50
ORLY Nail Rescue Kit £17.00
ORLY Nails For Males (18ml) £11.90
ORLY Nailtrition (18ml) £15.20
ORLY No Bite (18ml) £11.00
ORLY Polish Thinner (2oz) £6.40
ORLY Tough Cookie (18ml) £15.20
ORLY Won't Chip (18ml) £11.80
nailtiques Formula 1 1/8oz (4ml) £8.50
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