Base Coats & Top Coats

Help your manicure last for longer with our selection of base coats and top coats. Our base coats help protect the nail and gives your nail colour the best chance of survival. Top coats prevent chipping and helps speed up polish drying time. Shop base coats and top coats from ORLY.

ORLY Won't Chip (18ml) £12.55
ORLY Bonder (18ml) £13.50
nailtiques Base Wear 1/3oz (10ml) £12.25
ORLY Glosser (18ml) £13.25
ORLY Top Coat Matte (18ml) £12.35
ORLY Flash Dry Drops (18ml £15.15
ORLY Sec'n Dry (18ml) £13.15
ORLY Top 2 Bottom (18ml) £13.25
nailtiques Top Shine 1/3oz (10ml) £12.25
ORLY In-A-Snap (18ml) £13.15

Out of stock

ORLY Ridgefiller (18ml) £11.90

Out of stock

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